By Invermay ventures

Post Pandemic Growth Investment

Invermay Ventures accelerate the opportunity to fund Indonesian micro-businesses in early 2022 which have been affected by the pandemic from early 2020.


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The Great Lockdown

During this period, one of sectors get the hardest hit was micro business, due to the imposition of restrictions on human movement by the government. There are many schools, offices and tenant businesses on the roads that are forced to close their businesses and the loss of income occurs for more than 6 months. After being hit by current pandemic situation, government has implemented financing schemes and credit cuts, stimulus that can help business to survive longer. Reflecting on every pandemic, when many economic stimuli are issued, there will be an economic revival in the long run.

Investment guidance

Strong Purchasing Power Cycle

Small business sector will get a strong wave of purchasing power because it is close to the public and easy to access. This is what will grow rapidly in the growth sector. After large stimulus came out, which was given to entrepreneurs, employees and foreign investors. Incomes will increase and this is prosperity like it was after crisis in 2008, Purchasing power to property increased, cars and credit started to rebound again.

Investment guidance

Period Of Prosperity

The growth of business and public income will be the starting point for medium-term prosperity, as happened in 2009-2012. This impact has a big effect on other sectors such as property which has increased sharply.