SME’s Fund

Jakarta, Indonesia
We are preparing a portfolio Micro-Business for an IPO Invermay in 2024, as a public company, join us for the golden era of growing your managed funds.

The 1th Cloud Venture Raising From Retailer


SME’s funded

The growth our portfolio¬† is double since 2017-2018 we make a funding to SME’s.¬†


Avg Annual Return

Our annual return growing above average financial business sector which move at 12% a year.

Experienced Advisors 

The advisor strategy has been helping company goal focused in line with target.


Since 2018, our fund has been distributed to over 45 Micro-Business and making the biggest movement to change their life.

Waroeng Seafood
Serebet Delivery
Ikan Laut Srikandi
Smart Moring